Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Tool-kit Website

In collaboration with OPM and Implementing Partners, The Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project (FANTA) developed a multi-sectoral Nutrition Website in a bid to strengthen systems at national and local level. The Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Toolkit website has been developed to provide a consolidated source of information, including tools and reference materials for nutrition coordination committees […]

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Uganda Demographic Health Survey 2016


The 2016 Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS)  was carried out June to December 2016. A Key Indicators Report was released March 2017. Additional information about the 2016 UDHS may be obtained from the Directorate of Population and Social Statistics, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Collville Street, P.O. Box 7186, Kampala, Uganda; Telephone +256-414706-000; E-mail:; Website: […]

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Nutrition Strategies

Uganda Food and Nutrition Strategy 2005 Uganda Operational Framework for Nutrition in the National Child Survival Strategy 2009 Uganda Nutrition Action Plan 2011-2016 Uganda Health Sector Strategic Plan 2000-2005 Uganda Health Sector Strategic Plan 2005-2010 Uganda Health Sector Strategic Plan 2010-2015 National Development Plan I National Development Plan II Vision 2040      

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Taking Nutrition to the Community: The Makerere, Kyambogo & Victoria University Nutrition Students’ Camp

Nutrition counselling Sessions

Supporting student community engagement falls within the UGAN’s broad aim of engaging young nutrition professionals in the nutrition arena and also linking students to the large community of nutrition practice. This is broadly embedded in the UGAN’s Strategic Development Plan (SDP) of 2014-2019. On that note, the Uganda Action for Nutrition (UGAN) Society sought support from […]

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