Taking Nutrition to the Community: The Makerere, Kyambogo & Victoria University Nutrition Students’ Camp

Nutrition counselling Sessions

Supporting student community engagement falls within the UGAN’s broad aim of engaging young nutrition professionals in the nutrition arena and also linking students to the large community of nutrition practice. This is broadly embedded in the UGAN’s Strategic Development Plan (SDP) of 2014-2019. On that note, the Uganda Action for Nutrition (UGAN) Society sought support from […]

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Assessing Chronic Food and Nutrition Insecurity in the Karamoja Region of Uganda: A Human Rights Perspective

The Karamoja Region of Uganda faces chronic food and nutrition insecurity. For years, the Government of Uganda and development partners have provided food and nutrition services in the region; however, food and nutrition insecurity still persists. This study conducted in May 2013 in Moroto and Kaabong districts found that: 1). The causes of malnutrition were […]

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