Developing a Nutrition training package for Tea Estate Workers in the Rwenzori region

The UGAN is working in collaboration with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) to develop nutrition training materials targeting tea workers in the Fort Portal Region of Uganda. The materials will be used by the ETP to deliver a short but impactful programme aimed at tackling malnutrition amongst tea communities in the Fort Portal region.

Overall focus of the proposed programme will be to build the capacity of the selected producers in the area of nutrition, through a) providing them with good quality training materials and b) training up relevant staff within these producers on these materials as well as the most suitable training techniques. The ultimate beneficiaries of the programme will be estate and factory workers (and their families) who live and work on the estates belonging to Mpanga, Mabale and Rwenzori, as well as smallholder farmers (and their families) that supply Mpanga and Mabale factories.


Funding for this project is from the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) from the Netherlands and the Indian tea company Tata Global Beverages (TGB).


The results from the baseline assessmnet are presented in a report which which you can obtain form this link;